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Faculty and Staff Directory



Contact Jeff Omaye  Jeff Omaye Head Counselor
Contact Candyce Simpson-Pecot  Candyce Simpson-Pecot 80% Counselor (Mon/Tues, Thurs/Fri)

Office Staff

Contact Magdalena Flores  Magdalena Flores IOA
Contact Chalaque Williams  Chalaque Williams Staff - Office Supervisor

Support Staff

Contact Miguel Barraza  Miguel Barraza Staff - Campus Security Officer
Contact Peggy Boyd (Librarian)  Peggy Boyd (Librarian) Staff - Librarian
Contact Reyna Gonzalez  Reyna Gonzalez Staff
Contact Crystal Jones Duncan  Crystal Jones Duncan Staff - Banker
Contact Millie Martin  Millie Martin Staff - Cafeteria Supervisor
Contact Diane Moshenrose  Diane Moshenrose Staff
Contact Rhasheda Slayton  Rhasheda Slayton Staff - Plant Supervisor
Contact Shareemah Tipler  Shareemah Tipler Staff
Contact Jessica Westerfield  Jessica Westerfield Stage Technician


Contact Laura Bellin  Laura Bellin Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Ryan Byrne  Ryan Byrne Teacher - Social Science / ASB
Contact Maria Dowell  Maria Dowell Teacher - Performing Arts
Contact Parisa Foroutan  Parisa Foroutan Teacher - Mathematics / Science
Contact Carlos Gonzalez Novoa  Carlos Gonzalez Novoa Teacher - Visual Arts
Contact Alison Hart  Alison Hart Teacher - Physical Education / Dance
Contact Sinnamon Hauser  Sinnamon Hauser Teacher - Social Science and Dance
Contact Sonjah Hawkins  Sonjah Hawkins Teacher - Performing Arts
Contact Daniel Heneghan  Daniel Heneghan Teacher - Special Education
Contact Sarah Kovach  Sarah Kovach Teacher - Science
Contact Megan Mather  Megan Mather Teacher - Mathematics
Contact Myron Nickerson  Myron Nickerson Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Emily Oon  Emily Oon Teacher - World Language
Contact Rogelio Robins  Rogelio Robins Teacher - Social Science
Contact Michelle Rosenquist  Michelle Rosenquist Teacher - Science
Contact Latesha Sigur  Latesha Sigur Teacher - Language Arts / Yearbook
Contact Susan Thrasher  Susan Thrasher Teacher - Performing Arts
Contact Ky-Phong Tran  Ky-Phong Tran Teacher - Language Arts / Journalism
Contact Rosa Vargas-Goslin  Rosa Vargas-Goslin Teacher - World Language (Spanish)
Contact Tessla Walker  Tessla Walker Teacher - Special Education
Contact Christine Whipp  Christine Whipp Teacher - Visual Arts