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Susan Thrasher

Susan Thrasher

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, and English Literature from California State University Dominguez Hills.  I began working at Renaissance High School for the Arts in 2003.  Before Renaissance, I have worked in LA Unified as a drama instructor for a program similar to WRAP, called YS Cares. 

I am hard to reach by phone and prefer that you contact me by email at or leave a message with the office for me to contact you.  I am almost always here until 5pm or later. 

I use wieghted grades, which means that some assignments are worth more than others.  The percentage of wieght is broken down in the syllabus and can be found on the website for each class.  This means that missing an  assignment can severly lower a grade.  Attendance is crucial in my classes. 

As far as schooloop goes, I update as often as I can, which averages every 3 to 4 weeks (especially during rehearsal time which is 3/4 of the year).  I expect students to keep up with assignments, and to not put themselves in a situation where they have to check schoolloop to play catch up. 

Students are expected to audition and attend all theatrical performances.  If a student has a problem getting a ticket, I encourage them to approach me in advance of the performance date, and I will help with an alternative assignment or help to get a ticket.

Majority of my classes are performance based, and there will be times that I expect students to stay after school for rehearsal or performance.  Being that these are performance classes, students must perform to earn a grade, no exceptions. 

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