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My Family <3

Megan Pap


Per. 1:  Conference

Per. 2:  Conference

Per. 3:  Algebra 2

Per. 4:  Algebra 2

Per. 5:  Introduction to Data Science

Per. 6:  Introduction to Data Science

Per. 7:  Study Lab

Per. 8:  Algebra 2


I started my teaching career in Michigan, where I was born and raised, in 2012. I taught 6th and 7th grade math and 6th grade language arts for four years before embarking on an adventure to California. I was hired at Renaissance and moved out to California in 2016, and have been happily teaching here ever since. While at Renaissance, I have taught Algebra 2, Geometry, AP Statistics, F.S.T. (Functions, Stats., and Trig.), I.D.S. (Intro. to Data Science), and Academic Study Skills. I love teaching at Renaissance because we are like a family. It is so fun to see the students support and encourage each other in and out of the classroom. The staff truly care about the students and help them grow as artists and in their academic classes. 

Applying what we've learned to solve real life problems

Physics and F.S.T. students having fun at Physics Day. They won "Most Creative" in the roller coaster competition!

Collaborative learning

Students learn best when learning together!

Integrated learning all over the world

Watching flamenco dancing in Spain with Mrs. Vargas and her Spanish students was an amazing experience!