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Sarah Kovach


Per. 1:  Biology Accelerated

Per. 2:  Biology Accelerated

Per. 3:  Biology Accelerated

Per. 4:  Biology Accelerated

Per. 5:  AP Seminar

Per. 6:  Biology Accelerated

Per. 7:  Study Lab

Per. 8:  Conference


Hi!  My name is Sarah Kovach.  I feel very lucky to be a part of Renaissance High School for the Arts since 2005.  Renaissance is a very special place to learn and grow for both teachers and students.  I believe art and science are intertwined. "From the Great Pyramids to Albert Einstein to Bacteriography and art therapy, art and science enable each other to deepen their respective expressions of reality"(Guedim, Zayan, 2019).  I am the science department chair as well as currently teach Accelerated Biology, AP Seminar and Academic Study Skills. I have earned the following degrees and credential: 

  • B.S. Biology w/minor Chemistry (CSULB, 2005)

  • Single Subject Credential, Biology (CSULB, 2006)

  • M.A. in  Curriculum & Instruction -Science (ACE, 2017)

I love the outdoors, reading, cooking shows, taking road trips with my husband, our two young kids, and our dogs.  You can find me spending my free time in the mountains or along the coast of California and Mexico.