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The Renaissance School of Film seeks to foster students’ creativity and build technical skills in the Cinematic Arts to produce at the next level. 

Upon graduation, a Renaissance film student will know: 

  • How to write and format a professional screenplay

  • The process of film production such as budgeting, scheduling, casting, and location scouting

  • The skills to direct,  including shot selection, directing the actor, and the language of film

  • The fundamentals of photography and cinematography such as composition, lighting, shot range, angle, and movement

  • The theory behind sound design, editing, and mixing

A School of Film graduate will be ready to leverage their set of technical skills to engage in the art of filmmaking at the next level, whether it be film school, their own enterprise or what ever path they may choose!


Film Strand

What will you Do???

  • Capture that special event

  • Make a music video

  • Make a commercial

  • Make a silent film

  • Write a screenplay

  • Produce a short film

  • Learn digital photography and cinematography

  • Learn sound design, editing, mixing, ADR, and voice-over

Students Focus classes                                    Year 1: Contemporary Video                            Year 2: Advanced Contemporary Video      Year 3: Digital Media


Mr. Tran

Mr. Tran is a K-12 graduate of Long Beach Unified. He grew up on the working-class North Side of Long Beach.

He holds a BA in History and MA in Asian American Studies from UCLA, an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside, and an AA in Film from El Camino College.

He has written two complete screenplays and still actively submits to screenplay competitions. He was also a board member with the Vietnamese International Film Festival where he worked on press and marketing. 

Mr. Tran is also an award-winning journalist and author. His writing has appeared in the Orange County Register, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Stranger’s Guide. 

His interests include traveling, running, coaching basketball, and spending time with his family

Questions???             (562) 901-0168