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Raft of the Medusa
60s Open House
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Annual Open House Arts Event

Renaissance High School for the Arts' annual Open House in May is like no other! Each year, a theme based on a time period or an art movement is selected and the entire school collaborates to create a one-of-a-kind arts experience. Our campus becomes transformed: Visual art students display their work in the gallery and around the campus and create interactive art installations for our visiting families and guests. Student performances in dance, theater and music representing the arts theme are held throughout the evening. The entire student body participates in the event, many in period costumes. The event is free and open to the community.


The 2018 Open House "Lift Up the People", was held on Wednesday, May 23 featuring the art of the 1930s and the Great Depression, a time period when the U.S. government financed a multitude of public work projects including public art.


The 2019 Open House theme will be "Myths and Legends", as we examine mythology, legends and folklore from many cultures around the globe.

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Open House Over the Years

2018  1930s & The Great Depression

2017  German Expressionism

2016  Romanticism

2015  Circles & Cycles

2014  Interactive Art

2013  The 1960s

2012  Impressionism

2011  The Jazz Age & the Harlem Renaissance

2010  Greek and Roman Art

2009  Surrealism

2008  Commedia dell'arte

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Germ Express
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Execution Third Of May
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