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Tardy Policy & Early Outs Procedures

Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy 

Schools in Long Beach Unified School District have high rates of attendance but there is always room for improvement. Our district now notifies parents monthly if a student has 3 or more truancies. A letter is sent that reminds parents that they are legally obligated to make sure their children attend school AND arrive on time. A truant student is defined by state Education Code as any student who is absent, late or leaving school without a valid excuse on three occasions of 30 minutes or more in a school day.   Three tardies are equivalent to one truancy. Students are tardy if they are not in their class by 7:50 a.m.  Students arriving late to school for the first period of the day will be held for 10 minutes with the exception of the following excusable reasons:

  • Illness or injury

  • Doctor or dental appointment with a note on office letterhead

  • Funeral service for an immediate family member

  • Jury duty performed by the student

  • Serving as a member of a precinct board of election

  • Justifiable reasons approved by the school administrator




Tardy 1 and 2:         Warning

Tardy 3:                   Detention issued upon entrance

                                Parent contact by teacher

Tardy 4:                   Detention

                                Parent contact by administrator

Tardy 5 or more:      Detention

                                Parent Conference

                                Attendance Contract

                                Progressive Discipline

Early-Out Requests

If a student needs to be released early from school:

Student may bring a signed note from parent/guardian the morning before school starts. The note must include: the student's full name, the time he/she must leave, the reason for leaving, the correct date, and a telephone number where a parent can be reached for verification purposes.


This is the most efficient and convenient way to request an early out because the office will not have to interrupt the classroom instruction with a phone call. When a student leaves for a doctor’s appointment, a doctor’s note is required when the student returns to school.