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Rules and Policies

Dress Code Policy Simplified

Long Beach Unified School District

High School Academic Dress Code and Grooming Standards (9-12)


A student’s dress and general appearance should not be such that it draws undesirable attention to the student, nor should dress and appearance detract or interfere with teaching and learning in the classroom or on campus.  It is expected that all students shall maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean and age-appropriate fashion consistent with our dress code and compatible with the instructional program.  Students shall wear clothing, footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner which does not offend the rules of decency or reflect negatively on or detract from any phase of the educational program.


General Dress Code and Grooming Guidelines


A.         Clothing including hats, jewelry, accessories or skin art (tattoos) associated with alcohol,                             

             drugs, tobacco, sex, obscenity, gangs, or violence are prohibited.

B.         Outer clothes must completely cover underclothes.

C.         Footwear must be appropriate for school activities.

D.         Shirts must be appropriately fitted at the shoulders.

E.         Belts should be appropriately sized at the waist and fitted into the belt loops.

F.          All headgear, including sweater/jacket hoods, is prohibited.

G.       Wallet chains, studded/spiked accessories (belts, bracelets, rings, etc). are prohibited.


Unacceptable Clothing


A.        Strapless tops, tank tops, or dresses with cut-out designs that reveal any body part.

B.        Blouses and tops that bare the midriff at any time.

C.        Low neckline and backline tops and dresses that reveal undergarments.

D.        See-through and sheer clothing, including ripped clothing.

E.        Short shorts/skirts/dresses  (shorter than thumbs length with arms extended to side)

            and beach attire.

Note:  Due to the fact that gang attire changes, the administration in consultation with law enforcement will determine definitions of what is gang-related.



Renaissance Dress Code Violation Consequences


Students who arrive to school wearing inappropriate clothing will not be allowed to attend class unless they make the necessary changes to meet Long Beach Unified School District’s dress and grooming requirements.  Changes could entail removing objectionable clothing items, putting on acceptable clothing provided by the school, or contacting parents to provide a change of appropriate clothing.  Repeated infractions will be subject to progressive discipline.




Violation #1      Dress code violation form sent to parents via student, uniform violation logged

                           into student discipline file.  (Warning)

Violation #2      Above, plus a 30 minute detention

Violation #3      Above, plus administrator holds student discipline conference and notifies parent.

Violation #4      All of the above and student will be subject to progressive discipline up to

                          and including exclusion from extracurricular activities.

Change Address and/or Phone Numbers:

Notify the attendance office, in writing, immediately of new address or phone number. You must have an emergency card with current information on file in the main office and nurse's office.

Class Interruptions:

We will not interrupt class unless approved by the administrator.


Student ID Card Policy

As part of the district safe school plan, all high school students in Long Beach Unified School District are required to have a picture ID card while on campus and involved in extracurricular school activities off campus.  School IDs are also required to check out textbooks and materials, access computer labs and the library, and leave campus early (if they have unscheduled classes).

Students are provided with an ID card during pre-registration or upon initial enrollment at no charge.

  • Replacement ID must be purchased at a cost of $1

  • Students without ID will be held at the front gate until the bell rings to go to class.

  • On the first offense, students will be reminded to bring their ID.

  • On the second offense, students will need to purchase a replacement.

  • On the third offense, students may be assigned a detention.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Plan: Earthquake/Fire
All students and staff have assigned evacuation areas on campus if the need arises. An emergency evacuation plan is posted in each classroom. Teachers will review evacuation procedures with all of their classes throughout the school year.  Renaissance performs regular practice drills for earthquake and fire during the school year.
Should an emergency situation occur during nutrition, lunch, before school, or during a passing period, students are instructed to report to the evacuation area for the class they were in before the break (the last place where attendance was taken).

Emergency Plan: Non Earthquake and/or Fire
At the sound of a special bell (four rings in rapid succession) all students should remain in class until an all clear bell rings. If the special bell rings during passing period, nutrition, or lunch, go to your previous period classroom. Renaissance performs regular practice drills for non earthquake/fire emergencies.

Fighting and Zero Tolerance Policy

The zero tolerance policy includes the standard L.B.U.S.D. disciplinary procedure for mandatory suspension from school for fighting. Additionally, students who disrupt the campus by fighting will be subject to citations and/or arrest by the Long Beach Police Department.

Neighborhood Policy
It is important to remember that courtesy and consideration for our school neighbors is of top priority in order to promote good community relations. Graffiti, loitering, and vandalism can result in disciplinary action including suspension and withdrawal of off-campus lunch permits. Additionally, students who engage in vandalism (graffiti or otherwise) and daytime loitering will be subject to citations and/or arrest by the Long Beach Police Department.


Prohibited Items

Ipods, mp3 players, cell phones, cameras, video cameras, and hats are not allowed on campus. If you display these items at school, they may be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.  We are not responsible for these items should they become lost or stolen while on campus.

Sexual Harassment

We are committed to a working and learning environment that is free from sexual harassment. Any student who sexually harasses another person will be subject to disciplinary procedures including suspension and/or expulsion. Please review the sexual harassment policy given to you at registration.


An acceptable attendance rate is 95%. This translates to no more than two absences per school quarter. A lower attendance rate could result in lower academic and conduct grades. Parents will be notified regularly through telephone or letter contact of poor attendance. Parents are legally responsible for your attendance at school. Whenever you are absent, bring a note signed by your parent to the attendance office. The note should include the date(s) of absence, the reason for the absence, your full name, and your parent's signature. Absences not cleared by such a note within one week will become truancies.


Students are expected to be on time daily. Students who are continuously tardy will be subject to disciplinary consequences.  Please review the Tardy Policy under the Parent Tab.

Absent Permits/Early Outs

You must bring a signed note from your parent/guardian before school to the attendance office. The note must include: your full name, the time you must leave, the reason for leaving, the correct date, and a telephone number where a parent may be reached for verification. Any note brought in after school begins may be denied, as parents must be contacted. The early out will serve as your readmit.