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Student Council/Associated Student Body (ASB)

Student Council/Associated Student Body (ASB) 2017-2018

Class Objectives:

  1. Provide a democratic forum in which students can address school or community-related issues that affect their lives.

  2. Train students through instruction and experiences in the fundamentals of being leaders.

  3. Offer social function and community involvement projects for students.

  4. Maintain communication between the student body, staff, and administrators.

Mission Statement: To serve Renaissance High School for the Arts and the Long Beach community as dedicated, efficient, organized, student council members who promote school spirit, pride, and integrity.


Vision Statement: Building a foundation of excellence and integrity that will pave a pathway for today’s RHSA students to become tomorrow’s leaders.


Values Statement: To not only strengthen school spirit and pride, but also to build an innovative, trustworthy, and motivated team that exhibits impressive character, consistent practices, and promising leadership skills.



  1. Allow students to have input in the structure and activities of the class.

  2. Push their limits and keep class at a high energy level.

  3. Establish trust and integrity in the class.

  4. Expect mistakes, but insist on learning from them.  No repeats.

  5. Treat the class like a family, caring, nurturing, and safe haven for students.

  6. Set and hold students to high standards.

  7. Listen to student opinions and suggestions and use them.

  8. Combine hard work with fun.

  9. Get and keep parent and staff support.

ASB Director: Megan Pap